Ode to Death


Death! The Grim Reaper
The great messenger of the Lord
Death! The greatest bailiff  ever in creature
Some say you are sacred,
I mean God-made
While some say you are profane,
I say human-made

Death, the bailiff of the Lord,
We borrowed ourselves,
We are being borrowed,
We are borrowing ourselves,
We never belong to ourselves,
We never belong to anybody but Lord.
We never want to return ourselves,
Even, Lord never espoused suicide,
And so;
Death, the bailiff is involved

Death! Death!! Death!!!
My eyes are brimmed with tears
My mind is full of questions,
Death, I need to prosecute you,
To ask you why?
To sue you in the court of my mind;
To ask you why you have done all these?

Why do you prefer the placids to the petulants?
The vivacious to the ferocious?
Why do you abandon  a fiend for a friend,
The mendacious for the veracious?
Huh! You say you are executing Lord’s message.

Lord I never meant to question you,
I never meant to question your divine wisdom,
But is all death sent by Lord?
A man,
Who jumped into an ocean pulsively
And drowned, and died;
This death, sent by Lord?
A man,
Who tied a rope up,
And prudently hang his neck into it,
And died;
Sent by Lord?

I believe, I said I have the belief!
That some are hypnotized.
But as you said,
I round up to you,
That all deaths,
Sacred, hypnotized, prudent,
Are ratified by the almighty Lord,
Without His ratification;
They will never exist.

  (In loving memory of my sweet mothers; ENIOLA & DOLAPO {Nee BABALOLA} and my amazing aunty, IYELIH GRACE)

Empire of thought




23 years ago, June 12,1993, a presidential election was held between two major political parties, SDP & NRP fielding Chief M.K.O Abiola and Alhaji Bashir Tofa respectively. The election was claimed to be the most free and fair election ever conducted in Nigeria’s history, but alas, to the chagrin of Nigerians, the election was annulled, the votes of the electorates were raped.

The air today is filled with the news of the celebration of that memorable day with various States of the federation declaring public holiday and agitations for declaration of June 12 as democracy day.
  But is ‘June 12’ meant to be celebrated or a day for reflection on Nigeria democracy? What is the essence of a state government ,which has not conducted local government election for the past five years, celebrating ‘June 12’? Is that not adding pepper to the wound of the electorates?

  Local governments in Nigeria have been turned to puppets under the control of the state governments. They are now being led by imposed Caretaker Committee or Sole-administrators doing the orders of the state governments with total disregard to the main purpose of the grassroots government.
State governments have continued to reject the electorates the same democracy that get them to their positions. Even those that conducted the local government election, it is more of handpicked and selecting the chairmen with the election just as the mask. So, what are we celebrating?
State governments should conduct local governments election in celebration of ‘June 12’ and not just declare Public holiday

Empire of thought

The Continuity of the Change Government

The Continuity of the Change Government

President Muhammad Buhari won the 2015 election on the platform of change riding on his anti corruption campaign, winning the arguably most free and fair presidential election ever conducted in Nigeria. I douse my hat, sir.

But let’s ask ourselves, are we really witnessing change or a political rivalry economy sweeping? There have been Saraki saga, Allison Madueke allegation, Okonjo Iweala blame, declaration of PDP won elections as null and void and recently the Dasuki gate. But what baffles me is that the CHANGE arm has not been extended to any sibling of APC, hmmn, it seems we have an all saint APC ruling the republic of Nigeria.

  I’m not against PMB anti corruption fight, what I’m writing against is his partial corruption fight. Since his assumption of office, APC rarely lose a case, APC governors are ruling with ultimate majesty, no petition can succeed against an APC member, well, I’ve always been saying not until we have an honesty and independence judiciary will we win fight against corruption in Nigeria.

So, where is the change?
  January 1st, 2012, while other nation was rejoicing for the new year, Nigeria was in disarray, the country was tensed; the fuel subsidy was removed. My dear fellow Nigerians, if you don’t know, let me inform you, come January 2016, the fuel subsidy shall be removed again, till then, I reserve my comment.

  Hmmn, what a continuity in a change government.

God bless Nigeria and everywhere else. Happy New Year in Advance.

N.B: This is not an anti-APC nor pro-PDP article but purely an article written by a concerned Nigerian.


Nigeria @ 55

n 1898, the name NIGERIA or NIGER AREA was given by Lady Lord Lugard, in 1954, Nigeria was proclaimed a federation and in 1960, my country, Nigeria was given independence. The Union Jack was lowered and the independence flag GREEN WHITE GREEN of a new nation was raised. The air was filled with the chorus ‘HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY’, a shout of freedom;freedom from foreign rule, imposition, and exploitation. That was 55 years ago, but are we truly free from foreign rule? Is it not a mere change from foreign exploitation to local exploitation? Has the independence led to our development or destruction?

Few days ago, I was discussing with a friend whether President Muhammadu Buhari deserves the praises being showered on him, and his response was yes with one of his reasons being “because GMB was endorsed as the best by President Barack Obama of USA. ” Now, that’s what I call NEOCOLONIALISM!

The news of President Buhari’s visit to USA, Britain and his sitting beside Barack Obama, shaking hands with Clinton and sleeping in the White House overwhelmed the media as if the President of the independent and sovereign country, Nigeria, does not worth ruling until endorsed and validated by foreign rulers. Our election cannot be free and fair until it is declared so by our former colonial masters, and we said we are free? No wonder USA is threatening us to legalise homosexuality.

‘All Nigerians are equal, but some are more equal than the others’ (apologies to George Orwell). Our so called leaders created a class stratification which is even broader than the one created by the colonial masters, the rich becoming richer and the poor becoming poorer. Corruption, armed robbery, kidnapping, terrorists’ attacks have become a common song in our country that they attract little or no emotion again. Bad road, poor water supply, irregular power supply, high cost of living, insecurity, high cost of education, and so on have been our complains for the past 55 years. Truly, there is fire on the mountain…

  ‘E go better, e go better’ has always been our comforting maxim since these days. I don’t want to be tagged a pessimist , so, I’ll rely on the Yoruba saying ‘teni ge igi loju, igi aruwe’, as long as Nigeria is still existing, we’ll get there, moving from being developing to a developed country. This cannot be achieved by mere change championed by the President alone, but by an overhaul change joined by the governors, ministers, commissioners, the lawmakers, the judges, the market women, businessmen, you and me.

God Bless Nigeria and everywhere else.